DealerTrack launches Aftermarket Network


DealerTrack says its new Aftermarket Network connects the business office with a variety of suppliers and their products: including extended service contracts, appearance protection, gap, rust-proofing, anti-theft and a variety of insurance related solutions.

What’s more, it makes the business manager’s life easier and generates more profit, the company says.

“There’s no more disjointed work flow – open this application, close it and move on to another to complete a single transaction. No need to hop in and out of the DMS to complete the finance and the aftermarket transactions tied to a single deal,” says Michael Collins, VP and general manager of DealerTrack Canada.

“The solution is tightly tied to the finance transaction and we hope to bring the same value add to the I as we did to the F in F&I.”

Called the Aftermarket Network and launching with dealers across Canada and for free, the new solution builds on DealerTrack’s current platform and transaction origination capabilities.

Business managers can search the network to find finding several suppliers and their products with up-to-date rates when they are preparing their customer’s credit application.

With more products and aftermarket providers to be added, Collins tells Canadian AutoWorld that options on the network will continue to expand.

DealerTrack says using the Aftermarket Network reduces errors and matches the product to the customer’s vehicle. It also generates accurate certificates for the customer’s signature.

“The entire process, from generating product quotes to printing documents and generating accurate remittance reports and all within the DealerTrack Network, is designed to make business manager’s jobs easier and more efficient,” says DealerTrack.

“The intended result is to allow staff to spend more time selling, not processing paperwork.”

“Some DMS providers loaded every single provider for every single product into every dealer’s records, whether they do business with that provider or not. If that program is inadvertently selected and used to rate a product with the correct provider, errors happen and often they are costly, to the dealer, to the aftermarket provider or both.”    

Collins says that with Aftermarket Network, a business manager can’t submit a warranty transaction to a partner the dealership has no relationship with.

“With the Aftermarket Network, DealerTrack can continue to provide solutions designed to reduce errors many of which occur every day at dealerships all across the country.”

And it’s free of charge to all dealers, he says.
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