Mazda Canada waiting for new parts program


Mazda Canada representatives say a new software program that links a dealership’s website to a central parts inventory being used in the U.S. right now will eventually be adopted by Canadian dealers.

The program, developed by IBM, is said to allow dealers to grow their accessory sales without incurring the overhead of stocking additional parts.     

“There is no timeline in place,” explained Greg Young, public relations for Mazda Canada. “But the plan is to definitely incorporate it into our business.”

According to the automaker, shoppers can check out a host of accessories online, order the part and even pay by credit card. The part is then automatically shipped directly to the consumer of the dealer of their choice for installation.

The financial payment is processes through PayPal with delivery in the U.S. handled by UPS.

“The whole idea of customers being able to see an accessory catalogue online, order the part and pay is impressive. But then the system will check if their dealer already has it in stock before sending the part or triggering an alert if the dealer does have the part,” Young adds.

He said that when the discussions start about how to enhance the program after the practical introduction in the U.S., the software will head north.