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- Automotive Financing - Indirect Lending.

- Financial services (Chartered Bank) in Canada, including automotive finance.

Head Office and Contact Information below office listings.

- Atlantic

Carole Vautour    
Regional Sales Manager
Area: Prince Edward Island
(506) 870-3797 carole.vautour@rbc.com

Geoff Phillips    
Sales Manager
Area: Newfoundland and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
(709) 368-0602 geoffrey.phillips@rbc.com

Mathieu Levesque    
Sales Manager
Area: Nova Scotia
(902) 421-4959 mathieu.levesque@rbc.com

Gary Mac Farlane    
Sales Manager
Area: New Brunswick
(506) 859-8437 gary.macfarlane@rbc.com

- Quebec

Mathieu Gagnon    
Regional Sales Manager
(514) 219-8280 mathieu.gagnon@rbc.com

Anne Gingras    
Sales Manager
Area:  Rive-sud deMontréal, Ouest de Montréal
(514 ) 236-2760 anne.gingras @rbc.com

Alexandre Gagnon    
Sales Manager
Area: Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Abitibi
(514) 891-3250 alexandre.gagnon@rbc.com

Philippe Chiasson    
Sales Manager
Area:  Estrie, Centre du Quebec,  Mauricie, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, St-Hyacinthe
(819) 432-1863 philippe.chiasson@rbc.com

Lucie Morissette    
Sales Manager
Area: Québec, Est du Québec, Bas St-Laurent, Côte-Nord, Saguenay and Lac St-Jean
(418) 952-4518 lucie.morissette@rbc.com

Bernard Doiron    
Sales Manager
Area: Outaouais
(613) 234-2090 bernard.doiron@rbc.com

- Ontario

Gary Pritchard    
Regional Sales Manager
Ontario (416) 955-2889 gary.pritchard@rbc.com

Enza DeGiuli    
Assistant Regional Sales Manager
Area:   Niagara/St. Catharines, Hamilton, Brant/Lincoln
(905) 304-6572 enza.degiuli@rbc.com

Bernard Doiron    
Sales Manager
Area: Rideau Lakes and Valley, Kingston, Quinte, Ontario East, Greater Ottawa
(613) 234-2090 bernard.doiron@rbc.com

Anita Oliver    
Sales Manager
Area: Brant/Lincoln, Huron/Perth/Oxford, Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge/Guelph
(519) 759-8557

Betty Kingsnorth    
Sales Manager
Area: North Bay, Algoma, Sudbury
(705) 862-7798 betty.kingsnorth@rbc.com

Joel Scott    
Sales Manager
Area: Metro Toronto East, York North, Durham, Kawartha Lakeshore
(905) 373-0468 joel.scott@rbc.com

Mike Dolan    
Sales Manager
Area: Barrie/Muskoka, Grey Bruce/Wellington
(705) 735-1157 mike.dolan@rbc.com

Angela Ramsay    
Sales Manager
Area: Peel North, Peel South, Halton
(905) 575-9059  angela.ramsay@rbc.com

Tracy Limage    
Sales Manager
Area: London Lambton Kent, Windsor Essex
(519) 641-2537 tracy.limage@rbc.com

Ingrid Verbanac    
Sales Manager
Area:  Toronto West, Toronto Central, Metro Toronto North, York South, Vaughan
(416) 792-4213 ingrid.verbanac@rbc.com

- Western Canada

Erik Jensen    
Regional Sales Manager
Western Canada
(604) 656-2963 erik.jensen@rbc.com

- Manitoba

Colin Ramsay    
Sales Manager
Area: Manitoba and North Western Ontario
(204) 988-4490 colin.ramsay@rbc.com

- Saskatchewan

Dean Sproat    
Sales Manager
Area: Saskatchewan
(306) 933-3656 dean.sproat@rbc.com

- Alberta

Mark West    
Assistant Regional Sales Manager
Area: Calgary South, Southern Alberta, Kootenays
(403) 292-2318 mark.west@rbc.com

Dorrie Smith    
Sales Manager
Area: Calgary North, Central Alberta
(403) 292-8992 dorrie.smith@rbc.com

Dave Stefanuk    
RV Sales Manager Western Canada
(780) 892-5710 dave.stefanuk@rbc.com

Andrea Holt    
Sales Manager
Area:  NE Alberta, East Edmonton, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
(780) 449-7723 andrea.holt@rbc.com

Shawn Blakely   
Sales Manager  
Area: NW Alberta, West Edmonton
(780) 352-5671 shawn.blakely@rbc.com

- British Columbia

Ted Laursen    
Sales Manager
Area: Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island
(604) 514-5514 ted.laursen@rbc.com

Corinne Janzen    
Sales Manager
Area: Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Sunshine Coast
(604) 852-9576 corinne.janzen@rbc.com

Damien Pirro    
Sales Manager
Area: Okanagan, BC North, Yukon
(250) 491-4071 damien.pirro@rbc.com


Franck Renversez    
National Sales Manager
Toll Free: 1-877-825-8187 franck.renversez@rbc.com

Kimberley Champagne    
Account Manager
Area: British Columbia
Toll Free: 1-877-574-8313

Martin Kaptein    
Account Manager
Area: Alberta
Toll Free: 1-877-896-9437 martin.kaptein@rbc.com

Dale Diakow    
Account Manager
Area: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North Western Ontario
Toll Free:1-866-943-0745 dale.diakow@rbc.com

Mario Paolillo    
Account Manager
Area: Western Ontario
Toll Free: 1-866-675-0075 mario.paolillo@rbc.com

Luis Shih    
Account Manager
Area: Metro Toronto
(905) 554-5745  luis.shih@rbc.com

Jason Schidowka   
Account Manager
Area: Eastern/Northern Ontario
Toll Free: 1-888-549-8829 jason.schidowka@rbc.com

Jean Francois Roy    
Account Manager
Area: Montreal, Western Quebec
Toll Free: 1-866-685-5427 jeanfrancois.roy@rbc.com

Francois Rondy    
Account Manager
Area: Eastern Quebec
Toll Free: 1-866-685-5401 francois.rondy@rbc.com

Richard Girard    
Account Manager
Area: Atlantic Canada  
Toll Free: 1-866-486-1525 richard.girard@rbc.com