ABSC recognizes SCI MarketView for continued support


SCI MarketView has been awarded Georgian College’s Board of Governors’ Community Partner Award for its contributions and support of the Automotive Business School of Canada (ABSC).

The recognition came May 5 during the 2017 Board of Governors’ Awards of Distinction at Georgian College in Barrie, Ont.

Alumni Jeremy Wyant and SCI’s executive leader for product Matt Gielow were on hand to receive the award and make remarks.

SCI MarketView has been a strong advocate of the Automotive Business School of Canada for many years.

In addition to hiring students for co-op positions and employing and supporting graduates within their organization, SCI president Alan Bird sits on the Board at ABSC and chairs the school’s marketing advisory committee.

SCI MarketView is also a driving force behind the annual ABSC Alumni Reception and sponsor the Annual Georgian College Auto Show.

Most importantly, SCI MarketView was an integral part in the launch of the Automotive Dealership Management Graduate Certificate Program in 2015, spearheading the project, which to date has seen 31 program graduates

“We believe it’s important for corporations to support their community. We at SCI believe that the Automotive Business School is not only important for our automotive community but also critical to the future strength of our industry,” Bird said.

“The students at ABSC are the future leaders of our automotive industry and they will pave the way for future generations as well.  The more we can do to support their education both in and out of the classroom, the stronger and more confident those students will be.  That will only result in great things for our industry.”

Joe Lauzon, ABSC marketing officers said SCI MarketView has been an amazing supporter of the program, the school and particularly the alumni reception.

“They actually came up with the idea about eight years ago and have been the main sponsor and driving force of this event. It’s increased our exposure throughout Toronto and they have held various events throughout the country and supported us in terms of growing our network and helping to recruit students from all across the country to the Automotive Business School at Georgian.