AMVIC to get more money


Alberta’s Motor Vehicle Council says it needs more money to “fulfill its regulatory role.

To meet the need, the cost or repair business licenses is going up and there will be a new levy ($6.25) on motor vehicle sales. All are effective July 1.

Heather Klimchuk, Minister Service Alberta, explained the levies are temporary measures. The decision was not made “lightly,” she said. “In 2009, Service Alberta was approached by stakeholders of … AMVIC who had concerns whether it had the resources to fulfill its regulatory role appropriately,” the minister said in a release.

The minister said she then had a committee of reps from the Motor Vehicle Dealers Association and the Alberta Repair Association, among others review the situation.

The minister said in December, the committee unanimously recommended the increases but only as a temporary measure.

“The increased revenue will allow AMVIC to hire additional investigators to respond to consumer complaints, set up a consumer compensation fund and crack down on … curbing and unlicensed backyard mechanics.”

Klimchuk said a review of possible solutions to AMVIC’s money woes would be completed by December 2011.