Are you an employer of choice?


We are just weeks away from the close of nominations for the first ever Canadian AutoWorld Dealership Employer of Choice (CADEOC) award. While there is still time to get your name on the list, you have to hurry!

The response to date has been amazing with stores from across the country all tossing their hats in the ring as we search for the best dealership at which to work.

“The Canadian AutoWorld Dealership Employer of Choice award provides a unique opportunity for dealerships to benchmark their businesses against other top employers in their own industry,”explains Jeff Doran, president of Corporate Culture + Employer of Choice Inc. (CCEOC), Canadian AutoWorld’s partner in the administration of the award.

“There is no other source of information in Canada that provides top employer statistics specific to the Canadian automobile dealer industry.”

Dornan says that not only can dealerships benchmark across the industry, they can also use the survey data to benchmark across their own organizations.

“This is particularly useful for auto groups with multi-site locations. The sharing of best practices from site to site will make the entire group more competitive and successful.”

Not surprisingly, we have seen particular interest from dealership groups thus far with several operations signing up their entire network of rooftops.

Unlike a few other awards in the market that reward customer service, volume sales, consumer reviews or are largely political in nature, the CADEOC Award judges you on how well your store operates.

There is no fee to participate. Signing up is easy.

Participating new-car dealerships must meet the following eligibility criteria: Compete in the Canadian automobile dealer industry; have a physical presence in Canada; have 10 or more full time employees and have been in business for at least one year.

Getting started is a simple, three-step process. Simply go to and fill in an application. Complete the company profile (leadership questionnaire and HR inventory) and have your staff fill out the employee commitment survey.

Once completed surveys are returned, your dealership is automatically in the running.

“The key to moving the yard sticks forward and realizing tangible benefits is to develop an action plan using the employee survey data,” Dornan adds.

“Data summary reports make it easy for management to engage employees and drive positive results. Ultimately, any dealership can develop a culture of continuous improvement and improve performance with the right tools and a motivated workforce”

Submissions will be accepted until November 13. The company profile and employee surveys must be filled out by the end of December. Submissions will be evaluated in January with winners announced in February.

Each winning store will also be featured in an article in a special issue of Canadian AutoWorld that explores some of the best practices these stores use to create a winning organization.

“The timing of CADEOC is perfect as Canadian AutoWorld will celebrate its 25th year in print in 2016. What better way to serve our readers than by acknowledging some of the best in the industry,” says Canadian AutoWorld managing editor Jackson Hayes.

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