AutoSync Launches in Canada


TRADER Corporation announce that it has unified its software product suite under the newly launched “AutoSync” banner in Canada.

With a dedicated focus on delivering software solutions that synchronize the entire retail process, AutoSync is an advanced technology suite that offers flexible individual or end-to-end solutions for dealers and OEMs. The recently formed software business aims to modernize automotive retail by offering market-leading technology to dealers and OEMs, paired with a seamless car buying experience for consumers.

The suite of connected automotive software solutions offers a diverse set of products, including: vAuto, Motoinsight, Activix CRM, TAdvantage and TRFFK, harnessing data and insights from AutoTrader. To date, there are over 2,500 dealers subscribed to AutoSync’s products.

“AutoSync represents our laser focus on automotive retail evolution, coupled with our deep commitment to helping dealers and OEMs mobilize in an ever-changing category,” said Edwin Ulak, president, AutoSync. “The industry is evolving quickly. Dealers and OEMs are overwhelmed with using multiple suppliers and systems. Our end-to-end products are proven to deliver results to our customers, and now we can also streamline and simplify their processes by offering a single suite of solutions, with a consistent performance and support system.”

The AutoSync product suite, includes:

  • vAuto: Inventory Management
  • Motoinsight: Connected Modern Retail
  • Activix CRM: CRM & CLM
  • TAdvantage: Dealership Website Platform
  • TRFFK: All-in-One Digital Advertising

By addressing the entire retail process, AutoSync helps dealers and OEMs thrive across a modern, connected automotive retail environment, improving sales velocity and increasing profitability.

“Our industry is more exciting now than ever before,” added Ulak. “Things are moving fast, and it’s created an opportunity for us to re-examine the way we do things, to help our partners be more efficient and effective. As Canada’s leading automotive technology provider, we’re committed to helping all of our dealer and OEM partners stay ahead of the curve.”