Award program great way to stand out from the pack


With autumn upon us, work has ramped up on the 2016 installment of the Canadian AutoWorld Dealership Employer of Choice award program (CAWDEC).

Back after a strong initial year in 2015, the program is the only system for Canadians by Canadians that helps identify and showcase the dealerships that are the best to work at in the country.

Think you have happy staff? Think you run a smooth operation? Think your employee engagement and satisfaction couldn’t possibly be beat? Prove it!

Running from August until the end of the year, this program is free to join and gives all the hard-working dealers in this country a great chance to showcase their efforts for the entire industry to see.

“Participation was very strong and we identified eight amazing operations that all shared a few secrets when it comes to ensuring happy staff,” explained Canadian AutoWorld editor Jackson Hayes.

“We will no doubt build on that foundation this year as word spreads throughout the industry.”

The process will again be completed in partnership with Corporate Culture + Employer of Choice Inc. (CCEOC).
It costs nothing to participate and signing up is easy. Simply fill out the online application here.

Participants will then have staff fill out an online employee commitment survey that takes just a few minutes.

“Dealers that take part in the Canadian AutoWorld Dealership Employer of Choice award program experience significant benefits,” explains CCEOC president Jeff Doran.

“They become known for their visionary leadership, outstanding cultures and engaged employees. They also create stronger employer brands which helps attract and retain the top talent they need to grow their businesses.”

Doran said becoming an employer of choice leads to better employee experiences. This leads to better customer experiences, which leads to increased revenues, more referrals and higher brand loyalty.

“The CAWDEC award program puts you on the path to becoming a more profitable, successful dealership.”

The 2015 award winners were featured in a special focus section in our April 2016 issue. Canadian AutoWorld will again celebrate the winners in a winter edition in 2017 so make sure you get on board now.

“This is the only Canadian managed program recognizing top employers in the Canadian auto dealer industry,” Doran added. “If you are a Canadian dealership and want meaningful, valid recognition for your business, this is the program for you.”