BorgSolutions has the recipe for increased fleet sales


BorgSolutions says its BorgFleet maintenance software puts sophisticated fleet maintenance software into the hands of the small fleet operator, and it can mean more fleet sales for the dealer.

The small fleet operator – under 20 vehicles – can monitor his fleet’s need for basic maintenance such as oil changes and other maintenance, service warnings, fuel use and spot vehicles in need of repairs in excess of the vehicle’s book value, Borg Fleet says. The software also creates work orders.

“Small fleet managers now have the one system that lets them control the cost of operating their fleet,” BorgFleet CEO Chris Borg told Canadian AutoWorld. “It’s a full management tool.”

Borg says the Free Starter Addition is ideal for the small operator interested in getting a taste of what web-based fleet management can do for their company. And the price is right: It’s free.

“The system can be worked very well simply be entering the information manually. Just check the odometer and enter the information online.”
Of course, he hopes that, as the small operator grows, they grow into the more advanced systems that track vehicle location and reports on every sensor in the vehicle.

Founded in 2003 and head-quartered in Austin, Texas, eqHeqBorgSolutions has been developing and marketing fleet management software for construction equipment and a variety of vehicles fleets. All software is available in Canada in both official languages.

But what’s in it for the dealer?

Well, dealers can offer the Free Starter Addition as well as the more advanced systems to their fleet customers.

“It’s a promotion opportunity.”

Borg says the more advanced system, Borg Fleet Linked Edition, lets the dealer’s fleet management office track vehicle use along with the fleet owner.

“The dealer can view the system as well as the user and can see when, for example, the vehicles are due for their next tire or oil change. They can tailor their specials to attract the customer instead of losing them to a Jiffy Lube.”

Borg Fleet Linked Edition completely automates parts and service requests, all aspects of billing and sends service and product specials directly to the fleet operator, he says. If the customer wants the special, all they have to do is click the button.
He says it takes about four hours for the dealership staff to master the system.

“After that, the system does the majority of the work for you.”

The company is also in discussions with a number of OEMs that are planning initiatives in the panel van market, but he won’t say which.

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