‘Brazen’ daytime theft yields thieves luxury Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT


The thieves went about their business with military precision, first circling the lot in a white BMW before drilling the lock on the front door of Caledon Chrysler in south Bolton, Ont.

Next, police say they broke the lock on the key box inside and one drove off with the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT worth more than $81,000.

The theft took place on New Year’s Day at about 4:30 p.m.

Dealership video cameras recorded the incident, giving the Caledon OPP a description of the two men: one wore blue jacket and a balaclava; the other wore a black jacket, black pants and white shoes.  

Jackie Robb-Hall, controller, told local media that staff believed the dealership was carefully targeted.

“They scoped the place out, discovered what keys they needed, and are bypassing other high-end vehicles like BMWs and Mercedes and targeting one specific make and model.”    

Sales manager Shawn Vassallo called the incident a “brazen,” but “professional” daytime robbery.

This is not the first time the dealership has been the victim of an auto theft. In July, thieves made off with another Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Then, the thieves pulled a bait-and-switch with a set of keys, he said, handing a dummy key back to a salesperson after a test drive.
The OPP has not established a connection between the two thefts.

The dealership is now reviewing its security measures and plans to put GPS trackers in all its vehicles.

“Unfortunately, all dealerships deal with theft,” Vassallo said.

- with files from InsideHalton.com