Calling all dealerships!


Think your store has what it takes to bring home some special hardware? Well, if you have an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid in your lineup, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) and and Plug’n Drive want to know about you.

The CEA and Plug’n Drive are reaching out to all Canadian dealerships and encouraging owners selling electric vehicles to self-nominate for the 2015 Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards program.

The awards include three award categories for leadership in EV sales: Leading Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Dealership Award, Leading Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Dealership Award, and the EV Dealership Inspiration Award.  

Dealerships in Canada selling EVs are eligible to win as many as two of three 2015 awards.
“With approximately 80 per cent of Canada’s electricity generation being without greenhouse gas emissions, electric vehicles present an incredible opportunity for the electricity sector to further contribute to a lower carbon future by electrifying the transportation sector,” said Sergio Marchi, president and CEO of the CEA.  

“These awards allow Canadians to recognize the work of car dealerships that demonstrate leadership in EV adoption across the country.”
Plug’n Drive chief Cara Clairman said since dealerships are the front-line of EV sales, and have a significant influence on consumer perceptions about ownership and adoption, it is important to have something to recognize industry excellence, commitment and leadership.
In addition to the award, winners will also be featured on partner and sponsor websites and social media channels, which include the Canadian Electricity Association, Plug’n Drive, Electric Mobility Canada and the Canadian Automobile Association.
Bourgeois Chevrolet won the PHEV Dealership Award winner last year.
Nominations close on April 17. Winners will be announced at the 2015 Electric Vehicles Conference and Trade Show in Halifax May 25 - 27. Visit for more information.