Car Media 2.0 Now Certified Inventory Merchandising Provider For Volvo Canada Retailers


Car Media 2.0 is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership and recognition of Car Media 2.0 as a Certified Inventory Merchandising Provider for Volvo retailers in Canada.

Effective early in the third quarter of 2019, Volvo retailers will have the opportunity to purchase Car Media 2.0 services through the Volvo Retailer Digital Program.

Inventory Merchandising is the third pillar added to the recently launched Volvo Retailer Digital Program that also includes Volvo certified websites and digital advertising.

“This new relationship affords Volvo Canada and their retail network with Car Media 2.0’s state of the art merchandising suite of tools that will, along with the other pillars of the Retailer Digital Program, improve Volvo tier 3 (retailer) website performance,” said Randy Price, head of accounts and strategic partnerships with Car Media 2.0. “We are excited about becoming a Certified Inventory Merchandising Provider offering our Car Pics 2.0 Full Service and Self-Serve Capture 2.0 App, Car Vids 2.0 (Montage Video), and soon our new X 2.0 Cloning Tool and Car Spin 2.0 solutions. This program is an industryfirst in Canada and we look forward to helping our new Volvo clients drive their image forward.”