Champion Wash Valet for the ‘smallest available space’


Looking for a car wash unit that’s small, easy to maintain, easy on the environment, one that won’t take up much space?

GS Dealer Services says it has the unit for you. It’s the Champion Wash Valet.

“It does everything larger units can do and it has the hub scrubber option and tire cleaner applicator,” Garry Shean, manager, business development GS Dealer Services, says Canadian AutoWorld.

Shean notes environmentally friendly features include the digital encoder. This device recognizes the size of the vehicle it’s washing and adjusts the gantry speed – less power, less water –  to lower operating costs.

Another power-saving device is the mini motor.

“It decreases the operating costs by 50 per cent. The mini motor makes the unit lighter and easier to service and less costly to repair.”

Dealers can have the choice of a wash only or wash and dry unit. It can be installed as a drive-through or drive-in and backout car wash.

“The pre-rinse cycle with integrated soap solution, water, and Closed-cell Foam rollers, provides consistent gentle contact with the vehicle surface and produces an outstanding wash quality with every pass. The final rinse with integrated sealer/dryer solution, water, and closed-cell foam rollers, provide the additional advantage of polishing the
vehicle,” G&S says in a release.

Shean says brochures and DVDs of the unit at NADA’s 2010 conference caused quite a buzz at the show despite the uncertain economy.

The unit is new to GS, which is selling it in partnership with manufacturer D&S Car Wash Equipment Company of St. Louis, Mo.

He says the relationship means a quicker turnaround on orders and full-time tech support.

Established in 1972, D&S is a manufacturer of all-welded stainless steel and aluminum car wash systems. It boasts it was the first company to introduce an all welded stainless steel vacuum to the carwash industry and the first company to design a solid state timer for use in self-service car washing applications.

It says it developed a touch-free unit in 1980.

D&S credits Shean with bringing a lot of his experience to the development of the unit.

For more information, call 1-888-935-0302, or click here