Cox Automotive Canada Introduces the Manheim Vehicle Disinfection Service


Manheim Canada is introducing the Manheim Vehicle Disinfection Service. Available at all Manheim Auctions across the country, the Manheim Vehicle Disinfection Service will effectively reduce the risk of customers being exposed to COVID-19 and other viruses by treating all vehicles sold through Manheim Simulcast auctions across Canada with a disinfectant solution.

“As we continue to work closely with our clients to develop and offer them solutions to address the various business needs and industry concerns around COVID-19, we are excited to introduce the Manheim Vehicle Disinfection Service,” said Maria Soklis, president of Cox Automotive Canada. “With this new service, clients of Manheim Canada can now confidently purchase their used vehicles knowing that they have been through a thorough disinfecting treatment and, if they adhere to their own strict Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidelines, can pass that confidence on to their customers.”

The Manheim Vehicle Disinfection Service uses a disinfecting agent that is made in Canada by a leading sanitization solution provider, is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and listed by the Government of Canada as an effective treatment against COVID-19 and other viruses. Manheim’s specially trained teams, equipped with PPE, perform this service with an atomizer through a process that disinfects the interior and popular exterior touchpoints of the vehicle with no negative effects on any instruments or materials and no post-treatment residue.