Cox Automotive Ending Physical Auctions Sales At Manheim Edmonton


Cox Automotive announced that it will be ending physical auction sales at its Manheim Edmonton location.

The last public sale will occur on March 25 and the last physical commercial sale will be held on March 30. The company will continue to support its Western Canada commercial clients through its digital auction services in Edmonton and Vancouver.

According to the company, the changes will have no impact on other locations and regions, and continues to be committed to the Canadian market, and that Manheim and NextGear Capital are well positioned for growth across Canada as part of Cox Automotive’s new North American strategy.

“Cox Automotive regularly evaluates our businesses to ensure we are best positioned to serve the industry and our clients, and our operations for future growth,” said Matt Trapp, regional VP East/Canada with Manheim. “This decision, while difficult, does not change Cox Automotive’s commitment to our Canadian clients. With a more aligned North American strategy, we will continue to invest in Canada and help U.S. and Canadian clients achieve results through physical and digital channels and other remarketing solutions.”

“This was a difficult decision to make, but the reality is that changes in the Edmonton wholesale market have caused this location to no longer be the right solution for our existing operations or long-term business strategy, and we have also determined that shifting some other roles to the U.S. will more effectively serve our business and customers on both sides of the border,” he added. “We especially want to thank our team members for their dedicated service to our customers and their professionalism during this time.”