Curbsider gets 450 days in jail for illegal selling


Toronto, Ont. – Justice of the Peace Maimun Gilani found on Jan. 15 that Mehran Amini was running a large-scale curbsiding operation.

Investigators from the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) testified that Amini brought 30 vehicles, mostly late-model pickup trucks with high mileage, from Western Canada to Ontario and rolled back the trucks’ odometers. Then he sold them to unsuspecting consumers.

Evidence presented in court showed Amini placed ads in online marketplaces posing as a private seller, though, on some occasions, he told some buyers he was a dealer. He was also a man of many aliases.

Justice Gilani agreed.

In passing judgment, Justice Gilani described the consumers who’d purchased vehicles from Amini as “victims,” and found the accused showed no remorse.

Justice Gilani also noted Amini’s hostile and offensive behaviour towards OMVIC Investigators.

Justice Gilani found Amini guilty of two counts of acting as a dealer without a license and one count of engaging in an unfair business practice (odometer tampering).  

The justice handed him a 450-day jail sentence.

“This is the longest sentence handed out in Ontario for illegal vehicle sales,” explained Michael Rothe, OMVIC’s director of legal services.

“And it sends an important and strong message to those who would prey on Ontario consumers.”

“This individual is responsible for a great deal of consumer harm,” explained Larry Edgar, OMVIC’s acting director of investigations.

“When the true history of the vehicles became known, the purchasers found themselves with trucks worth far less than they had paid and many faced unexpected expensive repairs (due to the high mileages), some of which had crippling financial implications for the buyers.”

This is not the first conviction for Amini. He was convicted on two other occasions for rolling back odometers. In the first, he and his company were fined $393,000 for selling 42 vehicles with rolled-back odometers.

He is scheduled to appear in court March 21 for sentencing on the second set of charges.