Customer satisfaction top priority for Porsche dealer


By Jordan Martin

LAVAL, QUE. – Michel Lauzon of Porsche Centre Lauzon and Helen Ching-Kircher of Downtown Fine Cars have won the 2012 Porsche Premiere Dealer Award.

According to Patrick Saint-Pierre, public relations manager at Porsche Cars Canada, the yearly award honours the best of the automaker’s Canadian dealer body and is based on a number of factors including customer satisfaction, hitting volume targets for new and used-car sales, as well as parts sales.

“It’s not just one specific thing, it’s more of how they are ranking overall,” Saint-Pierre said.

Award winner Michel Lauzon emphasized that it is not only important to meet the recommended criteria in order to win the award, but that surpassing the criteria is paramount.

He said he is proud of his dealership’s high level of customer service satisfaction.

“We have been a Porsche dealer for over 22 years now and that’s the place where we work really hard and I think that’s the place where we stand out,” said Lauzon. “It’s not that difficult to surpass your volume target when you are a Porsche dealer these days because the product is in good demand. But to be able to do that while you’re still focusing on customer satisfaction, that is the most important aspect that we have been working out.”

The key to the good customer service at Porsche Centre Lauzon, he noted, is the company’s policy of treating each customer as an individual and meeting each customer’s individual needs.

“Those customers are very demanding. They pay a lot of money to drive a car and most of the time we are talking about the sports cars. It’s their toy so they are very demanding. So to be able to meet the individual requirement that they are looking for is quite a challenge and that I think is what we do the best here.”

He added that the most difficult challenge for his dealership is keeping up with the technology and the changes in the way he and his customers communicate.

“The way we communicate with them is our biggest challenge. Product is not an issue for us because we have no control over that and it’s Porsche that takes care of that and builds great cars. But the rest is the communication with our customers and to make sure that we finally provide what the customer is looking for and that’s not easy.”

Technologies are evolving at a rapid speed and Lauzon knows his clients are using them. To accommodate customers, the dealership has launched a mobile website for smartphones users and has even started releasing a monthly eZine.

“This is the easy part. Our real challenge is to have our staff understand and use all of this technology so they interact with the client the way he [or she] expects us to.

“We have a very low staff turn around, perhaps one of the lowest in the industry, so they are extremely experienced and dedicated to the brand and dealership. Through constant training and business practices, we have to make sure every member of our staff is comfortable with this ever -changing technology. Our success is closely related to this.”