Dealer-FX Enhances Service Suite with Customer Self-Service Solutions


Dealer-FX, announced new enhancements to its end-to-end service suite, which includes self-service solutions for the consumer. Dealer-FX’s newest addition – payments – further enables consumers to choose how they interact at every step of the service process – via text, on a mobile device, on a website, in person, or over the phone.

Interacting in a self-serve, mobile-centric capacity is increasingly important to vehicle owners and Dealer-FX is designing solutions with that exact approach in mind. With Dealer-FX’s service technology platform, consumers can easily schedule, check-in, receive updates, communicate, pay, and check out from their mobile device – leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

This self-serve approach also creates a tremendous financial opportunity for dealers. Dealer-FX clients, on average, have experienced a 20% lift in dollars per RO when their customers book a service appointment through online scheduling. An even greater increase occurs when scheduling is combined with mobile check-in — dealers are seeing up to $31 in additional services per RO.

“Too many dealers are saddled with software from companies that built their code in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Today, customers expect a simple, modern, mobile-centric experience and when dealerships disappoint them, it results in low satisfaction and customer defection,” said Dealer-FX CEO, Bill Lucchini. “As an industry, we need to provide a better experience and if we do, customers will be more loyal and dealerships will thrive. This payments launch is a powerful new tool we’re providing to dealers to help them delight their customers.”

Mobile technology has fundamentally changed how people interact with the world. Dealer-FX’s new payments solution is designed to leverage the convenience of mobile, reducing one of the many friction points commonly experienced by consumers when servicing their vehicle.

“Every customer has a mobile device, and when they come in for service, they expect us to provide a digital experience. It’s familiar and convenient for them. Dealer-FX has helped us take advantage of mobile technology to provide a world-class level of service for our customers,” said Dennis Carson, Service Director at Hickory Toyota in Hickory, NC.

Payments, the newest addition to Dealer-FX’s product suite, offers dealerships the ability to instantly send service invoices by text or email and provides consumers with convenient, safe, and flexible payment options – including mobile wallet choices, like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Invoice data is integrated with both the DMS and the Dealer-FX platform and consolidates all charges into one, convenient invoice. Powered by Stripe, Dealer-FX payments provides a user-friendly check-out experience, with the assurance of industry-leading fraud protection.