Dealer-FX Launches Experience to Enhance the Appointment Scheduling and Check-In Process


Dealer-FX announced the launch of Experience, a new offering that makes appointment scheduling and service check-in easy for the vehicle owner while making appointment management and customer communication simple for the dealership.

The solution, specifically designed for the “new normal” of social distancing is being offered to dealers at no charge for the first three months to help alleviate some of the financial burdens COVID-19 has had on them.

“We’re very excited to launch Experience. This solution provides the essential tools every dealership needs to truly deliver an exceptional service experience,” said Dealer-FX CEO, Bill Lucchini. “Consumer expectations have changed and will remain changed, long after COVID-19. Experience gives dealerships the tools they need now to acclimate to this new reality,” said Lucchini.

Experience’s products work collaboratively to modernize the appointment experience at every touch point and increase customer satisfaction. First, it provides a simple and convenient way for customers to schedule appointments and for dealerships to manage – at-a-glance – appointment availability and transportation options. Next, contactless check-in offers customers the ability to complete their service check-in using their mobile device, including the option to select additional services and provide a digital signature for approval. Finally, Experience delivers text, email and call outreach designed to keep customers coming back for service, helping dealers build long-term retention and grow fixed operations revenue.

Experience integrates with leading DMS providers, ensuring seamless and consistent customer and vehicle information. Additionally, reporting and analytics provide insight into short and long-term trends that affect dealerships’ retention and profitability. Experience runs on the Dealer-FX ONE Platform, allowing dealerships to easily upgrade the solution with tools to automate the end-to-end workflow of their service operations.

To complement Experience, dealers can also receive services for marketing and BDC training, all designed to help drive growth, retention, and efficiency for their BDC and service lane operations.