DealerMine now available to Canadian dealers


PORTLAND, ORE. – Canadian dealers now have a new opportunity to turn slow-moving part inventory into profits as DealerMine Corporation announces its web-based program is now available in Canada.

Since 2006, DealerMine says it has helped dealers liquidate millions of dollars in obsolescence and manage parts inventory more efficiently and profitably. It says it currently serves over 1,500 customers.

“DealerMine provides parts managers with a streamlined, efficient system to identify and liquidate their slow moving, excess parts as well as purchase their fast moving parts at half the cost of ordering from the manufacturer,” the company said in a release.

Idle stock means lost opportunities for parts departments. DealerMine seeks to easily convert those lost opportunities into new sales and profits.

“Thanks to DealerMine, in less than two months we reduced our obsolescence by almost 10 per cent – something that would have taken us five to six months using our return allowance,” said Adam Clay, parts manager for Eastway Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Toronto.

Obsolescence can contribute significantly to the profitability of the parts department because of related holding costs.

Parts that haven’t moved in 12 months are considered obsolete. DealerMine helps dealerships maximize profits in their parts department by turning obsolescence into working capital and reinvesting it in fast- moving parts.

Don Gilman, director of fixed ops at Birchwood Automotive in Winnipeg, Man., has been using DealerMine for over a year and said the program has helped liquidate obsolescence.

“Last year, we helped our U.S. clients recoup millions of dollars from their obsolete parts,” said Mark De Lucia, president of DealerMine.      

“We’re pleased to offer our services to Canadian dealers and we’re dedicated to continued expansion through new channels and markets to bring even greater opportunities to all of our clients.”

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