DealerPILOT offers compliance automation solutions to meet legislative challenges


Legislation! Legislation! And still more legislation! Keeping up is a challenge. Making sure that staffers are aware of their responsibilities and teaching new hires are a burden. Failure to follow proper procedure can be dangerous to staff and costly.

Dealers and dealership HR professionals know that keeping up with the growing legislative web and seeing to it that staffers know what is expected of them are crucial.

Mike Stassen, DealerPILOT’s regional manager, runs off a list of legislation and regulatory agencies that dealers and HR managers have to be aware of: anti-spam; privacy legislation; health and safety rules; human rights; the competition bureau; AMVIC and OMVIC. The list goes on.

Dealers and dealership management have to be aware of the legislative requirements and have programs in place to manage them, he says. Next, put someone in charge of managing them. Then be able to prove they are complying. That takes time and can mean endless paperwork.

But Stassen says DealerPILOT has the answer.

For HR managers, he emphasizes, DealerPILOT offers online delivery of all regulatory training such as WHMIS, health and safety, hoist and the online acknowledgements that go with them. There are online acknowledgements of compliance and training received and corporate policies reviewed as well as quick access to documents in the event of a spot audit or investigation.

For dealer principals and general managers, there are dashboard reports and the peace of mind that comes with knowing compliance is in the right hands and being done without having to hire a third-party consultant.  

For employees, DealerPILOT offers online quizzes and an easy-to-read dashboard that monitors their progress and lets them train during spare time or after hours.

He says DealerPILOT has developed software that trains, reminds and records compliance and workplace inspections. It also keeps up with legislative changes and warns staff via an online system.

“If a designated staff member doesn’t sign off, they get warnings,” he says.     

When new hires come on, DealerPILOT teaches them what’s expected of them, not only in regards to legislative mandates but in-house policies such as demo drive procedures, safe computing, etc.

“Put the procedure in place and the system tells you what to do in case of an emergency. It walks you through what has to be done during the emergency and immediately after,” he says.

Stassen points out compliance and inspections should be clear goal for any growing dealership and dealer group.

“As dealerships consolidate, you are getting larger HR departments with responsibility for 200 to 500 to 1,000 people across a wide variety of dealerships. You want to know they are all up to snuff with everything they need to pay attention to.”
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