Do you want your own TV show?


Zone 3 Productions is looking for a wacky, wild and willing Canadian car dealership to feature in a new reality television series in development for the Discovery Channel.

The new show will centre around a dealer and his store, new or used. In an open casting letter sent to Canadian AutoWorld, the production team needs to find a dealer who is outgoing and creative around which to build a show.

They are looking for:

- A larger than life personality who will do just about anything to bring in customers and move cars off the lot?
- Someone known for your unusual sales techniques and/or creative sales promotions?
- Do other people in your town think that you are a bit crazy or over the top?
- Are the people you work with also interesting people who would be fun to watch on TV?

“If so, email ASAP to set up a phone interview. Please include a photo of yourself and some information about you and your dealership in the email.”

The editorial team at Canadian AutoWorld has already made a few suggestions. Make sure you contact Zone 3 if you are interested.