Duane Marino launches ‘Make My Month’


Marino reasons that dealers need to sell more cars, make more money and have less stress, TNT – today, not tomorrow!

He explains Make My Month is a program where individual sales people, dealerships, dealer groups or manufacturers can contract out targeted phone campaigns to “highly specialized and hand-picked” phone specialists who will be using the same techniques he has used and trained others to successfully use for years.

He is the principal of North American Automotive Sales Success Academies (NAASSA).

He says that he works with the dealership’s sales management team to target a part of the dealership’s client base for a Saturday sales event.

“The Internet has changed our traffic patterns so severely, that most dealerships have resorted to private sales to help make their month. The downside is that the dealership’s data base is not properly segmented and too many customers are contacted too often, so the sale and the dealership lose credibility and connection with their customers as a result of huge over-sales-stimulation.

“Our approach is surgical. So you can run more effective sales, more often. Also, with our highly trained BDC, we are selling value and urgency, not just programs and give-a-ways. Our BDC will happily help any private sale be more successful!

“Make My Month and TNT are ready when you are!”

In addition to the call centre, located just north of Toronto, Marino says he has also signed an agreement with Slasher Sales of California, the “originator of the private sale concept.”

“So, if your manager does not want to be the ambassador of our custom-designed Saturday semi-private sale where we only utilize the phone for marketing, we can bring in one of our team closers or event directors to run the private sale for the dealership, and also use our professionally designed mailers and emails to generate even more interest.”  

He goes on to say that NAASSA is now the “sole distributor” of all the Slasher sales events for Canada.

“So if you want to try us out for your next weekend sale, contact us immediately.”  

For more information, call 1-888-735-6275, email info@duanemarino.com or visit www.DuaneMarino.com.