ERA-IGNITE goes beyond the DMS to the RMS


The customer has changed and the mobile phone did it, Ian Reilly, Reynolds and Reynolds V-P sales, Canada, told Canadian AutoWorld.

“This little device has transformed the way people shop. They demand a lot more – transparency and efficiency,” Reilly said.

He went on to say that ERA-IGNITE helps dealership staff give the customer an experience that rivals what they get at the Apple Store, on and eBay or even the neighborhood pizzeria: seamless; secure; friction-less and complete with no need to re-key customer information time and time again.

And that’s why ERA-IGNITE is an integral part of Reynolds and Reynolds retail management system or RMS because it manages the customer experience, not just the dealership operations, he says.

How? Reynolds lists some of the features.

  • The number of keystrokes needed to “open cash receipts” is down from 32 to 19.
  • The number of keystrokes needed to open a repair order is down from 39 to 20.
  • The reception write-up process is speedier with access to over 40 executables from one central screen.Common transactions are speedier. What takes three screens on average in Classic ERA is down to one.
  • A streamlined parts invoice process gives quick access to more information on fewer screens to increase profits by reducing parts billing errors.

“We have created a centralized reporting hub called ‘Retail Management Intelligence,’ which allows for all standard and custom reporting to be accessed in one tool.  Whether your managing one dealership or multiple dealerships access to key business metrics is easily accessed with a couple of clicks, Reilly says.    

“Since cars have improved so much from a quality perspective, it’s the experience the consumer has that counts when they go into a specific retailer, he insists.

“If you’re a service advisor, you don’t want to be staring at a screen – or worse, have the customer staring at the back of the PC and get frustrated.

“Now, service advisor can multitask and focus on that customer without disrupting what the dealership needs to complete the transaction.

“We’ve tried to make it simple and easy to get all the information you need at your fingertips.”

There is a training course with tests built into ERA-IGNITE. He said that ERA-IGNITE has been “road-tested” for four years in the U.S. and is in use in dealerships here.  

Dealers can upgrade their system workstation-by-workstation or role-by-role to meet the needs of the dealership. But Reynolds and Reynolds pledges that there will be no pressure on dealers to move to the new system.