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Ferrari 458 Speciale bred to run

“We call it a Speciale because it is,” Ferrari dealer Remo Ferri told the gathering of Ferrari faithful at the car’s unveiling on Jan. 8 in Toronto.

Ferri, dealer principal of Ferrari Maserati of Ontario, said he and other Ferrari dealers met with the automaker’s engineers to help develop the 458 in-house.

“It is the future to keep one step ahead of the competition. When McLaren launched their car, they aimed it at the (Scuderi F1) 430. The 458 will counter that.

“We always want to be one step ahead of the competition.”

The automaker boasts the Speciale engine’s output is 605 hp at 9,000 rpm; 1.5 seconds faster over a lap than the 430; at 1,290 kg, its dry weight is 90 kg less than its older brother, the 458 Italia.

While Ferrari said it offers a choice of interior colours and leathers, that is not what the car is about.

“458 Speciale clients … are looking for a car that is more extreme in terms of … design and performance … They are less interested in in-car comfort oriented features well disposed towards accepting certain compromises in terms of a more spartan cockpit … to have a ‘lean, mean’ car.”

Available are two track video cams to help the driver review their performance. The technology comes from the automaker’s racing department.

A seven-year warranty covers all regular, scheduled maintenance.

Ferri said the cost will be somewhere in the area of $340,000, depending on the value of the loonie versus the greenback.

He went on to say that the automaker has not allotted a certain number of cars for his dealership or North America.

“Ferrari is doing it the very clever way: They will only produce to the orders. So it depends on the customers.”