Got You Looking lets shoppers take virtual dealership tours


Car shoppers may want to tour your dealership before they come in. That’s where the 360 Virtual Tour Experience from Got You Looking comes in.

“Got You offers both dynamic virtual tours and vibrant still images to provide a truly inviting overall picture of your business,” says Got You Looking managing partner Steve Carter.

When the shopper visits the dealership’s website, they can click on the virtual tour button. They can also get an enticing glimpse of what’s in store for them from the screen on the website home page as the camera takes them on a stroll through the exterior or the interior.

At the top of the Virtual Tour screen is a navigation bar, which lets the customer pick the area that interests them - the exterior, the showroom, the customer lounge, the service department, the drive-thru, etc.

“The navigation bar makes it easy. The customer clicks wherever they want to go. If all they want to see is the waiting area, they can do that,” Carter explains.

They do not have to take the whole tour. Got You Looking has done away with a previous version that forced visitors to go department by department.

“In our research and by speaking with many of our valued clients, we found that people have no patience for that. The navigation bar makes it easy for them to see what they want when they want.”

He advises dealers against taking too many exterior shots because of the pace of inventory turnover. Instead, he suggests focusing on the customer-centric areas such as the showroom, parts and service, the drive-thru and the waiting areas.

Got You Looking photographers come to the dealership to take the photos then the company’s graphic artists stitch the photos together to give them their 360-degree appearance.

He explains that since the tour is in an HTML format, his company sends the link to the dealership’s web service company and the web service company installs the link on the site.

“Dealerships can iFrame the tour. Meaning, when the customer clicks on the button that says ‘Click here for virtual tour,’ they will see the tour in mid-screen, but people can still go to other options.”

Carter says dealers can expect to see the feature up and running on their website in five to 10 business days after the company photographers have done their work. In the meantime, they can have their still images within 48 to 72 business hours.

The tour is mobile phone friendly. He recommends putting a QR code on dealership ads, flyers, brochures and business cards. The code lets the customer take the tour.

“There are so many platforms you can use your virtual tour on – e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, email signatures,” he says.

The cost is roughly $500 to $600 for a one-time installation. There may be minor travel costs where applicable, but there are no hosting fees, he says.

The 360 Virtual Tour Experience is available across Canada.

Carter says Got You Looking has virtually only one competitor, Google’s 360 Business Tours. He does not think much of it.

“Google really offers only a quick view. It’s a lot of confusing white arrows that take a long time to manipulate, and it’s especially difficult on a smartphone. Our product is a 360-degree view throughout the dealership. Theirs is not.”

For more information, contact Steve Carter, 647-983-9348 or