Gubagoo Virtual Retailing Generates Additional Vehicle Sales for Dealerships


Gubagoo has announced that Gubagoo Virtual Retailing, a digital retailing solution for automotive dealerships built on messaging and live video interaction, has been successfully launched with dealerships in the United States.

“The entire experience has been flawless. So far, we have sold 5 cars as a direct result of using Gubagoo Virtual Retailing,” said Tony Rhoades, executive director of information and consumer strategy, Gunn Automotive Group. “We love that our team can work a live deal with online customers who otherwise might not engage with us, and even better, get them back into the deal after they have left our website as offers and incentives change.”

Gubagoo Virtual Retailing features a car buying process that includes payment calculation, trade-in, rebates, accessories, F&I products, and a credit application for online loan approval through RouteOne or Dealertrack. As consumers launch the buying process, Gubagoo’s retail specialists are on hand to offer 24/7/365 live support. Dealership staff can watch live deals and jump in at any time to desk an offer through chat, sms and Facebook. Using Gubagoo’s Blaster capability, dealers can re-engage with consumers who have incomplete deals and offer new pricing or incentives to draw them back into the deal.

“The white glove, hand held, guided shopping experience truly differentiates Gubagoo Virtual Retailing,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo. “Customers will have questions, it’s only natural. Gubagoo lets customers easily get the support they need the moment they need it. This alone greatly increases the probability that a car deal will successfully close.”