Hyundai Canada and Groupe Gabriel Open Boutique Hyundai Electrifié


Hyundai Canada and Groupe Gabriel announced the opening of Hyundai Electrifié, the OEM’s first boutique dedicated to its electric vehicle lineup.

Hyundai Canada understands that EV buyers have different needs in their purchase experience and is working with Groupe Gabriel, an established dealership group in Quebec with four Hyundai dealerships in its portfolio, to bring the innovative boutique to life. Groupe Gabriel and Hyundai Canada aim to enhance the customer journey to EVs through a tailored experience at Hyundai Electrifié, allowing prospective buyers to learn more about Hyundai’s electrified lineup and how to make EV ownership work for them.

“Quebec continues to be a leader in Canada in terms of EV adoption and remains a top priority for Hyundai, and we are very excited to work with Groupe Gabriel to bring this new, interactive store design to the heart of Montreal,” said Don Romano, president and CEO at Hyundai Canada. “With so many new and prospective EV adopters in the province, our approach is focused on informing as many people as possible about EVs, our company, and the advanced technology behind our vehicles. Customers at Hyundai Electrifié are invited to ask questions and connect with our product experts to learn more about the many advantages of driving an electric car. We know we’ve done our job when every person leaves with a deeper understanding of how an EV could seamlessly fit into their lifestyle.”

“With the transition to electric vehicles well underway in Quebec and demand at an all-time high, we are delighted to announce this partnership with Hyundai to offer the brand’s first EV Boutique in North America,” added Gabriel Azouz, founder of Groupe Gabriel. “We are big champions of Hyundai EVs and are excited to be taking this decisive leap together to bring dependable, affordable and advanced electric vehicles to our customers.”

Hyundai Electrifié is located in downtown Montréal at 1955 Rue Ste-Catherine Ouest.