Hyundai Canada, Turo Partner to Launch EValuate Electric Vehicle Discovery Program


Hyundai Canada announced a new partnership with Turo to launch EValuate, an electric vehicle discovery program. The program is available in select cities in Quebec and Ontario and will roll out across additional Canadian markets throughout 2022, beginning with B.C.

The new partnership was conceived to address barriers to widespread EV adoption, allowing EV-curious Canadians to trial a Hyundai EV model by booking directly through Turo’s car-sharing platform. The program empowers Canadian consumers to experience firsthand how zero-emission vehicles can fit into their lives while discovering the range, convenience, safety features and advanced driving technology of Hyundai EVs.

Despite widespread consumer curiosity about EVs, Turo’s recent Car Ownership Index found that 86 per cent of Canadians have never had the opportunity to drive an EV. The Index also found 66 per cent of Canadians would feel more comfortable making the switch to an EV if they had the opportunity to experience it for a few days to a week, indicating extended test drives can effectively address some barriers to widespread EV adoption, such as range anxiety.

“We believe EVs are the future of automotive and wider adoption is a crucial part of helping to address greenhouse gas emissions, but there is a real need-state to address consumer queries and hesitations about electric vehicles,” said Don Romano, president and CEO at Hyundai Canada. “At Hyundai, we are proud to be the second largest retailer of EVs and to offer the widest range of electrified vehicles in Canada. Through this partnership with Turo, we look forward to giving Canadians the opportunity to learn more about how our EVs can seamlessly fit into their lifestyles, for a more sustainable tomorrow.”

“Turo’s Car Ownership Index shows that Canadians understand the importance of transitioning towards a green future but are hesitant to switch to an EV before they have the opportunity to try one,” said Cedric Mathieu, vice-president and head of Turo Canada. “Turo has one of the largest selections of EVs of any car sharing marketplace in Canada. We are proud to partner with Hyundai to greatly expand our electric vehicle offerings and make it easier than ever for Canadians to enjoy an extended EV test drive.”

The EValuate user journey is turnkey by design. Select Canadian dealerships will list Hyundai electric vehicles on the Turo car-sharing platform. With the click of a button, Canadians can then book a Hyundai EV test drive through the Turo website or App. Turo’s booking system is intuitive, with all details, including length of the test drive, vehicle handover logistics and insurance facilitated through the platform. Customers aged 25 and over with a valid license from the province they are testing in are eligible to use the program and if they go on to purchase a Hyundai EV, they will receive a $500 incentive applied to the purchase price.