IA Dealer Services Offing Hand Sanitizer To Dealers


IA Dealer Services has announced that it will be supporting its dealer partners in Canada by offering them high quality hand sanitizer for use by the dealer’s staff.

In a note sent to dealers, the company said “Our commitment to your well-being extends well beyond our commercial relationship. During this difficult time, we want to extend an offer to your dealership to help you keep your workplace and your employees safer while you work your way through this pandemic.”

“As a result of our recent acquisition of Diamond Kote and its chemical manufacturing operation, WGI Manufacturing Inc., we have been able to retool our chemical production capabilities and utilized our chemist’s expansive skill sets to allow us to produce a high-quality hand sanitizer. We are offering you a free supply of this hygienic personal preventative product to help you through these difficult times.”

Those wishing to take advantage of this offer are asked to contact:


Due to the incredibly high demand for this product at this time the company will initially need to limit the initial offer to one case of 12 x 16-ounce (455ml) bottles per dealership.