In the experience age, video is king


Jim De Luca
Technology Columnist

According to a 2015 Cisco study, video will account for 80 per cent of all Internet traffic by 2019.

This means that dealers who don’t embrace a video marketing strategy may not appear on first-page of Google search results within one year. And as any savvy dealer should know by now, having your website relegated to anywhere but the first page of Google search results could be the death blow for your store.

If you look at the average dealership’s OEM-mandated website, generally speaking, you see stock photographs, repurposed content and a paint-by-numbers feel in the overall layout. Many don’t even post pictures of their new vehicles or they use stock photos that are provided by the OEM.

None of these will benefit your SEO, consumer engagement, rapport building or sales.

What dealers in 2018 need is a video marketing strategy that not only improves the overall experience on their digital platforms but also helps drive performance in search results.

A Five Part Video Marketing Strategy
Marketing your dealership with video will give your website authority on Google and ensure that you’ll appear of the first page of local, organic search results. Plus, they will drive more traffic to your vehicle display pages and your showroom.

Below you will find a five-part video marketing strategy that will help your dealership increase website traffic, boost your conversion rates and increase your sales organically.

Meet Our Staff: Record 60- to 90-second videos of your staff members telling their story – how they got into the car business, how they serve their customers and what type of experiences do they strive to provide, etc. Record them without edits and include mistakes.

Google loves authentic, raw and unedited videos. They are more engaging and trustworthy then those with high production values. Upload the videos to YouTube and embed them your website under a Meet Our Staff tab. These videos will add original and engaging content, plus backlinks and citations to your website, all of which are critical for SEO.

You can also publish them natively to Facebook to increase social engagement. Native Facebook videos will receive ten times the exposure that YouTube videos receive on Facebook.

Meet Our Customers: When uploaded to YouTube and embedded on your website, these videos provide the same SEO value as your Meet Our Staff videos, plus they will also provide user-generated content (UGC). UGC is one of the most influential factors for consumers when determining where to buy their next vehicle.

Incentivise your sales consultants and service writers to use their smartphones to record 30-second videos of your happy customers where they ask them two simple questions: How was your experience at our dealership and would you recommend us to friends, family members and coworkers?

Video Lead Response and Video Follow Up: Respond to every lead and do all of your follow-ups with video.

A video email app will allow your sales consultants to automatically create a GIF with a link to a cloud-based video into their lead responses and follow up emails. If the GIF contains an intriguing message, it will prompt the recipient to view the video. We recommend using a “Selfie With A Sign” where the sales consultants use a small, white dry erase board with a brief, personal message written on it.

If a customer asked for your best price write “Best Price.” If they want more information on a vehicle write “Video of” the vehicle the customer is inquiring about. When the email is received, opened or the video is viewed the apps send notifications to the sales consultant, so they are aware of the consumer’s behaviour.

The likelihood of converting into an appointment triples if you respond within 10 minutes. Videos created on a video email app can be created and shared much faster and more efficiently than emailing a YouTube link.

360-Degree Walkaround Inventory Videos: 360-degree walkaround videos are much more engaging than still photographs and have proven to increase the amount of time that online shoppers spend on vehicle display pages.

Increasing engagement with relevant content will also improve SEO, conversion rates and inventory turns. When properly executed, 360-degree walkaround videos drive marketing costs down because they take less time to complete than traditional photographs.

The platform that we use provides a report that uses engagement data to show what each consumer has spent time on; this enables sales consults to follow up knowing what the customer’s hot buttons are. Knowing the hot buttons helps sales consultants build rapport and book more appointments.

Showing every vehicle from all angles conveys transparency. Transparency builds trust. Trust wins sales.

On-Demand Live Streaming Video: Imagine empowering your sales team with the ability to connect with customers on your websites vehicle display pages and take them directly to your showroom in real time.
Customers click on a “view live video” button and it connects them with a sales consultant that can answer all of their questions and provide walkaround demonstrations on demand.

On-demand live streaming increases engagement, offers transparency and builds trust. Plus it allows sales consultants to start building rapport where most people decide which vehicle they’re going to by, online.

These video strategies are easy to deploy, cost-effective and yield excellent ROI when properly executed. They provide better consumer experiences and will increase your sales by making your dealership relevant in the experience age.

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