Integrated Financial Technologies Launches IFT Ignite Platform


Integrated Financial Technologies (IFT) announced that it has launched its IFT Ignite platform, a lending management solution that facilitates all lending management processes, including sales, onboarding, customer service, and collections.

The IFT Ignite solution is the newest iteration of the company’s servicing platform. Built on the architecture, IFT Ignite facilitates the management and delivery of a wide range of essential lending processes. The cloud-based system enables agents to access and retrieve vital customer data in real-time, including up-to-date personal information such as current account data, addresses and contacts, employment records, payment histories, past loan applications and decisions, and other necessary information. In addition, IFT Ignite’s AI-driven engine integrates with third-party data sources to ensure that representatives have the most accurate information at their fingertips. Through this platform, IFT can provide accelerated and precise front- and back-office services to lenders, improving loan performance, compliance, and operations without their having to staff whole departments.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of IFT Ignite, which intelligently combines years of lending experience with state-of the-art AI and machine learning technology that will help lenders optimize efficiency, reduce costs, improve profitability, and build customer loyalty,” explained Tod Chisholm, IFT’s president. “Through the IFT Ignite platform, we can create and implement effective marketing campaigns, reduce receivables, provide accurate and consistent customer service, and give lenders confidence that all mission-critical back-office operations will be performed with unmatched speed, accuracy, and execution.”