Kia of Newmarket surprises with features usually seen at upscale stores


“The power to surprise” is Kia Canada’s motto. And the grand opening of Kia of Newmarket served up some examples.

The store boasts a new vehicle delivery room – just the thing to give new-car owners the feeling that at this Kia store, they’re a somebody. And there’s a six-car demo pickup area in the basement. Customers won’t have to wait around while a car jockey shovels off a demo or freeze their backside in a cold vehicle. Simply hop in and drive away.

Dealer principal Mike Croxon said the opening of the “Kia of Newmarket Experience” was the result of a team effort, which saw general manager Steve Nash and staff set sales records while doing business in a trailer.

“We’ve come a long way,” said Croxon, who bought the franchise eight years ago “from a one-car showroom at the back of a plaza.”

The new 28,000-square-foot store, located Newmarket, Ont., a 45-minute drive north of Toronto, sits on 2 1/2 acres of land. There’s plenty of room for expansion, he said.

The store also features a six-bay service area with all-new equipment and cabinets, a detailing shop and a six-car patio display area opposite and visible from the drive-through.

Maria Soklis, Kia Canada COO/VP, said that 90 percent of the Kia stores were image-compliant or well on their way to meeting the standards.