Kijiji partners with Car Pics 2.0, Mobials


Kijiji said it has struck two new partnerships to add more value for its automotive dealers and users.

The new agreements – with Car Pics 2.0 and – are aimed at providing greater transparency for buyers.

“We’re making the Kijiji user experience considerably more effective, by delivering as much of the dealership experience as possible to the online shopper,” said Leanne Kripp, head of autos for Kijiji.

“Through these new partnerships, our users will have the clearest possible views and understanding of both the vehicle and dealership they are considering before they even leave home.”

Car Pics 2.0 is based in Oakville, Ont., and provides dealer clients with a complete online merchandising suite. That includes image and video solutions for new and used cars for sale.

To fully maximize the new vehicle capture service, Kijiji said it would expand the number of photos that can be posted in a single vehicle ad to 40, up from 20.

Canadian AutoWorld readers will be no stranger to Mobials, which has been covering the company and its Reviewsii product since it launched a few years ago. The online, business review platform generates customer-written and verified dealer reviews, equipping users with deeper knowledge of the dealership and how they operate as a company.

Marty Meadows, president and co-founder of Mobials said the team is excited to extend the reach of Reviewsii and Google reviews to Kijiji.

“Early results show that dealers with reviews have up to a 12 per cent increase in lead generation,” Meadows said.

“Now Kijiji and dealers have a solution for consumer trust that delivers both Reviewsii and Google reviews from the same platform.”