Lauria Hyundai wins Hyundai award for top CSI scores


PORT HOPE, ONT. – Fellow Hyundai dealers ask Bud Lauria of Lauria Hyundai how he made the third trip to the winner’s circle when it came to the automaker’s 2015 President’s Award for CSIs.

The store won in 2011 and 2012 and hasn’t been lower than forth spot.
Lauria swears he’s stumped for an answer.

“I have trouble answering that question. There’s no magic to it. It’s simply taking nice people and being nice to them.”

Add to that “nice people who take those processes to heart. Good people. Good processes. And the rest happens.”

The dealer, whose store is in Port Hope, Ont., a 60-minute drive east of Toronto, says he can’t isolate one item in a system of literally hundreds of to-dos, must-dos and don’t-dos.

“There are hundreds of them from the front to the back,” he says.

Perhaps it was attention to detail.

Back in 1998 when the DMS was in its infancy and Lauria Hyundai was Lauria Pontiac, the store began developing its own front-end software to bulk up the processes in its DMS.

“We are not going to market it. We developed it for our own use because we were finding that there were gaps in the software. And we thought ‘Why not build our own?’ ”

And so they did and kept plugging away at it.

“We called it Marathon,” Lauria recalls. “I’m not sure where the name came from – maybe, it had to do with the length of time it took to develop it.”

It does tasks like scheduling deliveries and keeps things running smoothly and that promotes customer satisfaction.

Bud’s father, Frank Lauria opened the Port Hope GM store in 1984. So the family’s roots in the town run deep.

He switched brands in 2009. Bud Lauria said many of the GM customers transferred their product loyalty without much fuss to Hyundai and Lauria Hyundai.

“We found that there was little difference between the GM customer and the Hyundai customer. They were all happy with the product,” he says.