LGM spearheads distracted driving campaign


LGM Financial Services is looking to drive home the dangers of distracted driving, and it is enlisting the country’s car dealerships to help spread the word.

LGM’s swing to driving social change comes after several years of successful Movember campaigns where the company helped unite the Canadian auto industry in the fight against prostate cancer.

“We had tremendous buy-in from staff and dealer partners regarding Movember,” explained Ryan Perica, marketing and communications manager at LGM.

“Movember is clearly focused on men and we wanted something that applied to everyone. When we started looking at the stats and seeing how much of an issue distracted driving is, we realized there was a lot more to be done and it was relevant for dealers to get behind.”

Internal discussions started last summer ahead of the late fall launch of the distractionfree.ca website.

The LGM sales force worked on signing up dealers and, just before the close of full registration in mid-January, over 420 dealers had signed on.

The idea is not about raising money, but about raising awareness. Participating dealerships will display distracted driving POS materials – all paid for and supplied by LGM – in the stores during March.

Staff will also alert customers to the campaign and the website where users can punch in personal information and pledge to help fight distracted driving.

“By registering as an auto dealer who is against distracted driving, you will send a message that you care and want to make a positive change in your community,” he said.

LGM hired a social marketing company from the U.S. to ensure it was taking the right path.

Perica said that with social change, the act of pledging and signing your name to something really clicks in people’s heads to change their behaviour.

“Distracted driving doesn’t have the stigma of impaired driving. It’s something people know is bad but they do it anyway. We’re hoping to make this a yearly campaign and show just how dangerous it can be,” he said.

Interested dealers can visit distractionfree.ca for more information.