Manitoba gets all-in pricing regulations


WINNIPEG – When a Manitoba consumer looks at a car ad in the newspaper a window sticker on the showroom floor, or dealer’s lot, the price the shopper must see is the total price of the car, delivery and processing fees included – PST and GST, excluded.

The price in the ad will have to be more prominent than the vehicle’s payment information. If there is a time limit to the offer or a limited quantity, the ad must say so. Advertising a vehicle for sale if it is not in stock is a no-no.

And if a vehicle is used, an ex-rental or ex-emergency vehicle, the ad must disclose it.

That’s according to provincial regulations that became law May 21.

CADA chair Steve Chipman says the CADA welcomes the changes.

“Our members want to ensure there is a level playing field for both consumers and dealers. We feel the new legislation will improve transparency and has the full support of our membership.”

A rep from the province’s Consumer Protection Office, which will enforce the new regulations, says they first saw the light of day nearly three years ago but the Manitoba government spent a substantial amount of time working with the MMDA to fine-tune the rules to ensure they would be effective.
With files from the Winnipeg Sun.