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Maritz buys Allegiance Software and becomes MaritzCX – Canadian Auto World

Maritz buys Allegiance Software and becomes MaritzCX


The standalone company formed out of the Maritz Holdings purchase of Allegiance Software has set a goal for itself: to accelerate the flow of customer experience data from months to minutes.

The effort, explained said Carine Clark, current president and CEO of Allegiance and future president and CEO of standalone MaritzCX, is so OEMs and dealers can anticipate the needs of their customers and in so doing, ease the impact of customer churn – customer – turnover.

“The impact of customer-churn is measured in billions of dollars, so the ability to see, sense, and act upon the experience of every customer is critical,” she added. “We will automate actions and influence the triggers of customer happiness over the lifetime of relationships.”

News of the merger came out in early November. Maritz, which boasts an extensive history of sales, marketing and research services, will merge with Allegiance to create MaritzCX (The CX stands for customer experience).

Financial details were not revealed.

Maritz chair Steve Maritz warned that one bad experience could influence millions of people and cost millions of dollars.

“Our clients are asking for more help to keep up and get ahead. As the pace of business steadily increases, we have to turn customer experience programs into operational business processes that run in real time,” Maritz said.

Allegiance brings to the marriage, the CRM skills powered by its Voice of the Customer technology platform, which the company boasts raises retention rates by 25 per cent. Maritz brings the auto industry knowhow and market and customer research as well as incentive program management skills. The latter also runs customer satisfaction programs in a variety of countries for OEMs like Ford and Volvo.

Chris Travell, V-P strategic consulting for Maritz Research automotive group, told said that “when someone buys a car or gets it serviced, it’s MaritzCX reaching out to them to elicit their feedback.” But the Allegiance software “allows for more flexible reporting for the head office and the dealer,” he said.

He said that now the software not only processes the data, it analyzes and sends it on its way all the down to the service advisor, if needed.

“The Allegiance software combs the data and looks for insights and presents them. It looks for patterns and interrogates the data and tells who the customers are who are most likely to buy an extended warranty, for example … Dealers can target those customers. Before, that wasn’t possible.”

There’s a customizable screen that displays the data for the dealer, general manager, sales manager, or whoever needs it.

But Travell thinks the most important gain in the deal is the merger of skills.

“Combining staff means combining expertise in automotive – industry expertise, market research smarts, auto knowhow and technology. That’s good for the manufacturers and it’s good for the dealers.”