Mike Reinprecht and Sandra Kohl sell St. Clair Nissan


“When we decided to look at the possibility of selling our dealership, we initially talked to some prospects that the factory had introduced us to.  

Once we met Farid Ahmad and Arthur Madjarian of Dealer Solutions Canada, we quickly realized that we could benefit from their experience, professionalism and industry contacts.  

“They provided a structured approach that allowed us to consider more pre-qualified prospects that we were confident would, and did, complete a very business like, straight forward buy/sell.  

“We highly recommend talking to Dealer Solutions Canada if you are considering selling your dealership,” said Mike Reinprecht and Sandra Kohl the former owners of St. Clair Nissan.

The new owner is Mike Falkenberg.

In business for over 45 years in the west end of Toronto, the dealership is the oldest Nissan store in Canada.

“Dealer Solutions Canada is Canada’s largest volume dealership sales and acquisitions firm specializing in automobile, motorcycle and off-road dealerships, as well as leasing company portfolios,” said Ahmad.

He went on to say the company successfully completed 27 transactions in last two years totalling over $150,000,000.

The company boasts a total of over 70 years’ experience in the retail automobile industry in North American, U.K., Caribbean, and the Middle East.

The team is made up of NADA University graduates, he said.

For more information, visit DealerSolutionsCanada.ca or call 1-855-928-7355.