Mobials offers Google Review management application


Dealers looking for help with Google Reviews now have a clear option that won’t bust the bank.

Mobials has confirmed it has a direct API with the search engine giant that will allow dealers to obtain and manage Google Reviews through the Reviewsii platform.

“Most dealers will tell you they need help with Google because it is difficult to get quality Google Reviews,” explained Mobials co-founder Marty Meadows.

“Our Reviewsii system has been so successful at capturing those great reviews consumers want to read about your dealership. Now we can do the same thing to a much larger audience with Google.”

After launching in 2013, Mobials has grown into a top performer in the dealership review market in Canada. The tech company lets dealerships create, track and manage custom review and referral programs and evangelize their customers’ positive word-of-mouth online.

Reviews are solicited by sales staff through an app or with a no staff touch automated csv feed, then syndicated to social media networks and a handful of third-party automotive sites like Canadian Black Book, Auto 123, TRADER, and more.

Meadows said the company initially railed against Google Reviews as it was a competing entity. He said three years in market has demonstrated that dealerships need both Reviewsii and Google Reviews to really capture the in-market intenders.

“When we started this business, we weren’t out to grow the Mobials’ brand. The goal was to grow the dealer’s brand. That’s why we have been syndicating dealer reviews to all these other websites, ” he said.

“People aren’t shopping for cars on Mobials. They are not shopping on Dealerater, they are shopping on sites like CBB, Trader, and Carpages. Now we have a solution that covers both Mobials and Google Reviews from the same place.”

Mobials users that select the Google Review option simply decide which platform they need help with. Reviewsii or Google.

The first two dealerships to get the technology – Grimsby Ford and Palladino Honda – have clickable links on their respective homepages that launch a separate window. From there, users can toggle between Google Reviews and Mobials to read reviews and see the star ratings.

Dealerships that sign up also get monthly Google Review analytics, individual email notices when reviews are completed and the Reviewsii dashboard will list all historical and new Google Reviews along with the ability to manage responses (create, update and delete).

For additional information, contact Cheryl Milani at or 416-220-7581, or Marty Meadows at or 519-852-0060.