OGI Digital Launching Pulse Dealer Marketing Technology In Canada


Online Guided Intelligence (OGI) has launched Pulse, an online dealer marketing solution for Canadian dealerships.

Pulse gives dealers the ability to know who is physically visiting their lot and the lots of their competition. The software can monitor all dealer locations in the country and provide an analytical view of the shopping behaviours of potential and active car buyers. Marketing managers now have a way of closely looking at how customers are responding to dealership marketing and interacting with the dealership.

“We have identified and are now providing a program to shine light on an automotive retailing blind spot in the customer journey,” said Kelly Nolan with OGI Digital.  “Essentially we are bringing the offline on-lot behaviours of consumers online to the disposal and analysis of the dealer.”

Kelly added that Pulse also has the ability to track consumers who have left the lot and moved onto another around the corner, allowing marketing managers to target those consumers with marketing communications.

In Canada, Pulse will report on over twenty thousand customer records per day.  “We provide a way for individual dealers to essentially monitor the entire vehicle shopping public in the country if they like,” said Graham Line, CEO and founder, Digital Data Solutions.  “Or, they can hone in to focus attention on a specific province, region, market or dealer down the street, to get intelligence on habits and target messaging.”