‘One-stop shop’ for direct mailing


Len Larose of Printing By Innovation Inc. (PBI) suggests there are easier ways to realize your direct mailing goals than finding someone to design the creative, another company to print it and third party to mail it.

He says to use him.

“We’re a one-stop shop,” he says. “We’ll develop your campaign from the ground up. Once the creative is approved, we take care of the printing, finishing and mailing.”

Opened five years ago and based in Stoney Creek, Ont., Larose says PBI has been slowly casting its business net outside Ontario’s borders and across the country.

PBI deals primarily with the automotive industry and works with dealers directly developing and executing direct mail campaigns. He says he has about 200 dealers nationwide.

While business is still good in spite of the battered economy, he says dealers are doing smaller, more refined mailing campaigns during the recession.

The company offers a range of services from massive unaddressed mail campaigns – one recent job topped out at almost 4.5 million pieces – to hyperlocal, variable mail personalized for individual customers.

“We can handle a large amount of volume with the equipment we have.”
He said they have the technology with their variable mailing campaigns to personalize not only the text but the images as well.

“We personalize the piece referring to the current vehicle they are driving and send relative information on what they may be purchasing based on their current model and how they service the vehicle,” he explains.

Larose says it’s as simple as using the dealership database to create an individualized piece of mail for each customer. The topics can range from sales information to service reminders.

Adding the little touch of using a “live stamp” instead of a pre-printed postage indicia seems to help too.

“It comes across as something with importance and not perceived as junk mail.”
In addition to expansion, he says the new year will also bring a large push towards their new online b2b solution. He hinted that PBI would be offering the technology soon, remarking how creating variable printed marketing campaigns can be a great way for dealers across Canada to get more out of their marketing dollars.

For more information on PBI, check out www.pbiinc.ca or call 1-888-235-2735.