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Online training program set for Canadian release

By Lawrence Papoff

Jonathan Ord, DealerSocket CEO and co-founder, likens philosophy driving DealerSocket’s latest acquisition, Carmind, to how great athletes become even greater.

“You wouldn’t allow a professional athlete to go more than a day without continuing to build strength, improve their game or work on core skills,” he says.   

“Why should that be any different for automotive sales professionals?  Training should be looked at more like conditioning and less like a one-shot deal. It should be ongoing, fun, engaging and something they enjoy doing.”

Ord says Carmind, an online training system with a library of videos and tests, has almost been completely integrated into the Canadian solution meaning Canadian DealerSocket clients will have access to a huge library of fully produced training videos online at their disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Carmind engages people to learn in a fun and fast paced environment with quick videos that are entertaining and educational. When a video is complete, the sales professional takes a quiz. Their results are shared with their manager.”

Sam Rizek, DealerSocket’s executive sales manager in Canada, says the Carmind system is different than a lot of training programs on the market.

“What dealerships do now is have someone come in for in-store training, the staff gets pumped up for a little while, but the excitement fades. Carmind is more consistent because it is always there,” he says.

DealerSocket completed the acquisition of Southern California-based Carmind back in January. Founded in 2007 by a group of automotive sales veterans, the site is a web-based provider of online sales training tools for the dealers and features an array of short videos highlighting all sorts of sales tips and techniques.

“We explore real world scenarios in an entertaining and fast-paced style,” Carmind founder Napoleon Rumteen, explained at the time.

Fast forward a few months and Ord says the site is now ready for Canadian consumption for DealerSocket clients.

The concept is quite simple. Members log on and choose from hundreds of multimedia courses filmed in a dealership environment. The videos highlight techniques, processes or any skills they would like to develop. Following the video, he says, viewers take a quiz so they don’t just simply play the video and move on.

“The idea is the watch a video once a week, take the quiz at the end and the results are sent to the manager who can determine who is staying finely tuned,” he says.

The Carmind library is accessible any time and is updated regularly to include new consumer research, buying attitudes, customer behaviour, etc.

Ord says the training programs beat in-house appearances because the results are measurable and content is consistently fresh.

The Carmind training solution is one of many new systems and products expected from DealerSocket this year. The California-based CRM company has been touting it’s “complete tool for all automotive dealership departments” in Canada for roughly a year now and sources say there is a lot more to come including their data mining tool MoneyMaker and CallCenter very soon.

Look for the company to release its data mining solution, MoneyMaker and its CallCenter solution in Canada in the months to come.

For more information on DealerSocket or Carmind, visit www.dealersocket.com.