PIN reports on Mazda2


Over 60 per cent of Mazda2 buyers are women, says the latest report from J.D. Power’s Power Information Network.

The vehicle, profiled in the November PIN Powerplay, also has one of the youngest typical buyers for the segment at 37 years old.

“Almost three of every 10 Mazda2 transactions to date have included a trade, and 14.4 per cent of these trades were upside down (the amount of the outstanding loan exceeded the value of the trade-in vehicle), which ranks it fifth in this competitive set and just ahead of the Hyundai Accent,” the report noted.

Originally launched in Europe, Japan and Australia 2007, the Mazda2 hit the Canadian market in 2011. It is the lightest subcompact for sale, weighing in at only 1,043 kilograms, which is more than 100 kg lighter than the Ford Fiesta hatchback that is built on the same platform.

Approximately 84 per cent of all Mazda2 transactions from participating dealerships were finance deals, with one-third of customers selecting a 72-month finance term. In addition, slightly more than 15 per cent of Mazda2 buyers chose to pay cash (includes transactions in which the buyer obtained a loan privately), ranking it fourth in this competitive set and well behind the Kia Rio 5 and Hyundai Accent.

PIN says the average transaction price of the Mazda2 is $18,164, which places it in the “upper end” of the price bracket specific to the competitive set.

“This average transaction price takes into consideration the GX, GS and Yozora Edition trim levels.”

Finally, the retail turn rate of the Mazda2 is slightly more than 2 weeks, the second-lowest turn rate in this competitive set and trailing only the Ford Fiesta hatchback.