Plug’n Drive Launches $1,000 Used Electric Vehicle Incentive Program


As of April 14, 2019, Ontario residents qualify for an incentive of $1,000 off the purchase of a used fully electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

The Used EV Incentive program by Plug’n Drive is in collaboration with Clean Air Partnership, along with the support of the M. H. Brigham Foundation.

“One of the biggest barriers to the mass-market adoption of EVs is the higher upfront cost,” said Cara Clairman, president and CEO of Plug’n Drive. “However, most people often overlook the used marketplace. Used EVs are affordable and available, and this incentive will help more people join the EV revolution.”

To qualify for the incentive, drivers must:

  1. Test drive an EV at Plug’n Drive’s Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre in North York or at one of Plug’n Drive’s community outreach events around Ontario
  2. Attend an “EV 101” seminar on the benefits of electric driving and what to look for when shopping for a used EV
  3. Purchase a used EV within up to one year of taking the seminar and submit proof of ownership and insurance to Plug’n Drive.

“Emissions from our vehicle tailpipes is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution,” said Gabriella Kalapos, executive director, Clean Air Partnership. “By enabling more drivers to make the switch to an electric car, this incentive will help drivers contribute to cleaner, healthier and more sustainable communities.”

All used fully electric and plug-in hybrid electric car models with a re-sale sticker price below $50,000 are covered by the incentive. “EV 101” seminars will be held in numerous locations across Ontario and are free to attend.

“Climate change is upon us and urgently needs addressing on a mass scale,” said Michael Brigham, director, M. H. Brigham Foundation. “We all must act and do so with impact. Luckily, there is an excellent solution available to us; the switch to electric vehicles. The positive impact for the environment is immense, the very low costs to operate EVs offset their higher purchase price.”