Policaro Automotive Family gearing up for grand opening party


BRAMPTON, ONT. – It is almost time to cut the ribbon at the rebuilt and rebranded Policaro Acura.

The VIP party, set for Sept. 29, will play host to the usual collection of well-dressed customers, happy well-wishers and grateful automotive executives. Though it is likely the star of the show will be sitting stationary on the showroom floor: a 2017 Acura NSX.

Next week’s grand opening comes several months after the team first moved into the all new facility on Queen Street East in Brampton, Ont. Built on the site of the original store, Acura 2000, the renovation was essentially a ground-up rebuild.

Dealership general manager Lina Policaro said the dealership dates back to 1988 and was one of the first Acura points in Canada. Badly in need of a redesign, the store was taken back to the foundation starting July 2015 and rebuilt to meet current Acura image standards.

The Policaro Automotive Family added roughly 5,700 square feet of space and now tops out at 33,100 square feet. A body shop previously at that site was moved to another location and rebranded Policaro Auto Works. That gave the Acura store some room to grow.

In addition to adding hoists and increasing service capacity, Policaro said the store boasts a larger parts department and a much brighter showroom.

“My favourite part has to be the client centre,” she said of the new service drive-thru required by Acura image standards. “We’ve never had that before so to be able to have clients pick up and drop off their vehicles in a heated environment will be especially great in winter. We’re even doing new car deliveries in there, too.”

She said she is also particularly proud of the client lounge, which comes complete with the ultra-luxurious, iPad-controlled Top Brewer coffee machine.

As for the NSX, the head-turner on the showroom floor is already spoken for. Policaro said her father Paul Policaro snatched up the first one the store was able to sell. Though her “Acura fanatic” father, as she described him, plans to leave the vehicle in the showroom as a showpiece for clients, it will still have a few kilometres put on it now and again.

She said they plan to use the sports car for some special track days with VIP guests.

Policaro Acura is the second major capital project for the Ontario-based seven-store group this year. It opened the brand new Policaro BMW dealership in March this year.

While she couldn’t share detailed growth strategies, Policaro did confirm the group has an eye on expansion. To that end, she revealed the family was recently awarded a Harley-Davidson franchise in Oakville, Ont., with construction likely starting in the coming months.

Another priority for the group is an ongoing rebranding effort. In addition to the BMW and Acura stores that now share the surname, the Policaro Automotive Family owns and operates Family Honda, Team Hyundai, Northwest Lexus, Northwest Toyota and Porsche Centre Oakville.

“A lot of people don’t know we own the Honda store down the street or the Hyundai store next door,” she said. “Slowly but surely we are hoping to rebrand all our stores as Policaro with the permission of the manufacturers.”