Privacy is paramount at Genesis Gangnam


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – For a brand determined to do things differently, it should come as no surprise that its first company-owned standalone store would buck traditional trends.

In a world where virtually every new car dealership in the world aims to put its product front and centre behind big panes of glass, Genesis Gangnam has gone private.

Built in collaboration with leading architectural firm Office for Metropolitan Architecture, the new store near the prime business district of Samsung-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, is a study in opposites. Stand outside and you would be hard pressed to identify it as a car dealership – namely because you can barely spot a car.

Though three sides of the building is rimmed by glass, only small portions of Genesis Gangnam interior are visible from the outside.

The brand said it was trying to maximize a “private and personal setting” aimed at enhancing the interaction between the customer and the product.

Genesis-trained specialists are stationed within the two-story showroom to deliver a private and tailored customer experience for all visitors.

All Genesis products including the flagship G90, G80 and G80 Sport and the recently-launched G70 will be on display, along with all available exterior colours, wood and interior leather material for visualization and comparison.

An area called the Launch Bay is a highlight of the showroom. Considered the starting point of the test drive experience, the bay is a private area is dedicated for the driver where visitors can engage with the product through the AR/VR-based Genesis Virtual Guide.

Five different test drive courses are available including Urban Green, Urban Highway, Dynamic, K-Road and Short Course that navigate through the public roads and highways of Gangnam.

“The Genesis brand is a promise – a promise of a new way of automotive luxury,” said Genesis brand chief Manfred Fitzgerald.

“Genesis Gangnam is the physical embodiment of that promise and how we serve our clientele. Customer experience is vital and we will now work on a global scale to bring many of the aspects of our brand’s flagship store to customers around the world.”