Profit Driver Pro Partners With Motoinsight


Dealerships using Profit Driver Pro’s solutions will now have access to Motoinsight’s automotive incentive data.

The announced partnership will have Motoinsight provide Profit Driver Pro up-to-date Canadian incentive data, as well as access to its payment calculator API to provide accurate pricing calculations for dealerships and customers.

“It’s so important to align yourself as a company with those that set the standard both in innovation and professionalism,” said David Hyland, chief operating officer, Profit Driver Pro. “Motoinsight’s industry-leading incentive and payment calculator data will increase the accuracy of our solution allowing for improved client retention and greater dealership profits.”

“We’re proud to work with an innovative company made up of recognized automotive professionals,” said Radek Grabowski, president, Motoinsight. “Profit Driver Pro’s tools help dealerships deliver better value to Canadian customers. With our best-in-class incentive data and proprietary technology, they can be even more precise in their calculations and maintain high standards of excellence to help auto dealerships drive sales.”