Protecting Vehicle Assets On And Off The Lot


RSR Global is offering to dealers, iFind, a asset protection technology and service to help identify lost or stolen assets.

Part of RSR’s Global Registration Program, and entitled Global iFind Powered by KYCS (Keep Your Community Safe), the iFind device can be installed in most vehicles and other high value assets. The device utilizes long-range Bluetooth identification technology to identify lost or stolen assets via a smartphone. The Global iFind device’s Bluetooth capabilities range up to 700 meters diameter and can penetrate most building materials.

When a vehicle or other dealer asset is stolen, the Global iFind device linked to the KYCS Recovery Network, will send a notification to law enforcement officers.  Simultaneously, the entire Recovery Network performs a continuous and anonymous search for the Bluetooth signal of the stolen asset.

“In essence, end user smartphones become the anonymous eye, ears and beacon that help identify stolen or missing property,” said Amanda Paetkau, vice-president dealer group solutions, RSR GLOBAL. “With coverage across Canada, Global iFind stands to become a consumer’s reliable method to recover stolen assets.” 

The device works in tandem with the KYCS Keep Your Community Safe Mobile App, which is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS operating systems. There is no purchase required to join a Community Watch Network on the KYCS App.  Each Global iFind device that enters the market through participating dealers, law enforcement, neighbourhood watch and other commercial partners, is integrated into the KYCS App Recovery Network.