Quebec store debuts new global dealership concept


By Jim Leggett

BROSSARD, QC. – The John Scotti Automotive Group has set the standard.

With the official grand opening of Jaguar Land Rover Brossard earlier this week, the store now represents the model for all current and future stores for the manufacturer worldwide.

Jaguar Land Rover Canada president Lindsay Duffield attended the Sept. 18 event along with several members of the Scotti family. The dealer group has represented Jaguar since 1999 and Land Rover beginning in 2001.

“We are very pleased to have the Scotti family lead the way for us,” Duffield told the crowd.

“It takes a special trust between the dealer and manufacturer to be the first to try out a new marketing concept such as this. The contemporary design and latest equipment will meet our customers’ needs in the coming years, particularly in the 23 concessions of Jaguar Land Rover Canada. It is a great honour that the international concept is implemented here first. The five Scotti brothers demonstrate once again how they are to the forefront of trends and consumer needs.”

Utilizing land they already owned, the Scotti brothers have transformed an existing Volvo dealership into a combined 18,000-square foot flagship destination replacing their previous location in Montreal.

The old location next to the busy Metropolitan Expressway had limited space for growth, minimal parking and difficult access due to heavy traffic.

“We have invested $5 million dollars in this new location and our customers appreciate that commitment,” explained Felix Scotti. “People come from all over the South Shore as well as Montreal and area. They would hesitate to venture to our old location due to the traffic on the bridges, finally we are easy to access.”

Customers are served by four sales representatives in private offices while existing clients seeking service enter the facility through a dedicated garage entrance. Service technicians guide them through the maintenance process and clients can watch their vehicles in the service bays thanks to closed-circuit video cameras that display on large monitors behind the technicians and upstairs on the 2,000 square foot mezzanine lounge where WiFi access is also available for customers.

“Our clients can easily monitor the progress of their vehicle servicing anywhere, in the garage, the washing area, at any time,” said Felix Scotti. “They can ask the technicians any questions they might have and get updates. We have direct communications from the desk to the garage and the eight dedicated mechanics on staff.”

Duffield has great confidence in this new approach to the Jaguar land Rover retail store having seen the development process in Great Britain first hand.

“Jaguar Land Rover took an entire warehouse, located outside Birmingham England, and constructed a full-size replica of the new dealership concept. Everything was developed there with the actual materials,” said Duffield. “They tried all the materials, the finishes, paint colours and lighting in the real world setting. It’s great to have plans, sketches and 3D renderings but you can’t beat seeing the real thing.”

With new products debuting, such as the exciting new F-Type on display for their 450 guests, the Jaguar Land Rover marquee boasts three major dealerships in the Montreal area.

The automaker said more of the new concept stores are scheduled to open in Quebec City, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Langley, BC in the coming months.

“The opening of Jaguar Land Rover Brossard gives us great pride, because it will quickly become a benchmark for the entire automotive industry,” Scotti said. “And on a personal level, it marks a turning point, because my son will be the CEO, continuing a family tradition of excellence established for over 35 years.”